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Holy Cross Health is at the forefront of research in:

We seek to participate in and lead cutting-edge, unique research trials to advance the care of patients suffering from debilitating diseases.

We enlist the full support of the members of the hospital's medical staff and our nursing team in an extensive, interdependent, cooperative effort to generate new knowledge regarding management of disease and the maintenance of health. 

The Research Institutes operate in accordance with the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services.

Some of our accomplishments to date include:

  • Holy Cross Cancer Research was the only approved site in South Florida for the original Keytruda Melanoma immunotherapy study.
  • Holy Cross Health was among the first sites selected to participate in the American College of Cardiology SMARTCare Program, which stands for Smarter Management And Resource use for Today’s complex cardiac Care Program. The program was designed to support physicians and stable ischemic heart disease patients in making decisions together about care based on the patient’s unique history and the latest treatment criteria. Click here for the full story.
  • Since the Orthopedic Research Institute’s inception in 2010, the clinical research department has rapidly expanded and now conducts orthopedic clinical trials in such sub-specialties as knee, hip, elbow, shoulder, interventional spine and pain medicine, and physical therapy. The Research Institute is dedicated to performing high-quality, ethically sound, scientifically meritorious clinical research that will advance orthopedic treatment and patient care.

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