Spiritual Care

Cancer patient support

Michael and Dianne Bienes Comprehensive Cancer Center - Spiritual and Palliative Care

As part of our mission to heal the whole person, the comprehensive cancer program at Holy Cross Hospital has an active and vibrant Spiritual and Palliative Care program. Utilizing the skills of our oncology trained chaplain and our Oncology Certified Licensed Clinical Social Worker, we are able to offer a continuum of care for our patients.

These advisors are able to assist patients and their families to adjust to illness through a supportive individual and/or group counseling program. They offer support in helping the patient manage emotional distress and to work through specific concerns including excessive fear or anxiety caused by disease or its treatment. Family support and counseling is available to help restore balance at home after a cancer diagnosis.

Holy Cross offers daily spiritual services and offers many weekly support groups. These sessions can have beneficial effects on treatment compliance, stress reduction, increased education and provides ample opportunity for healthy discussions regarding negative and positive emotions for all effected by cancer.

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