Continuing Medical Education

Holy Cross Health Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program

Continuing Medical Education is an integral part of the Holy Cross Health mission, part of its public education mission, designed to improve the care received by its patients and its medical community.

The audience targeted for these activities include staff physicians at Holy Cross Health and the physician community at large with the inclusion of allied health professionals, physician assistants and nurses.

These programs will be based on assessments of learners' needs, coming from periodic surveys of medical staff, input from staff, physicians and committees. The activities will include lecture series, active learning strategies such as case-based grand rounds, cancer conferences, regularly scheduled multidisciplinary conferences, and enduring written and audiovisual materials. The CME program will have joint ventures with other health-related programs to expand the scope of learning as it relates to physician practices. These activities will outline in advance for the audience, objectives and possible conflicts of interest.

The expectation is that the educational activities offered will improve physician knowledge, competence and in some cases, patient outcomes. 

The effect of these activities will be measured by evaluations and/or post-test questions immediately after the activity, as well as using 3-6 month post-activity surveys to determine if improvements in physician competence and/or improvements in physician’s hospital /practice behavior have been achieved. Utilization of QI data to track actual changes in physician behavior or patient outcomes will occur periodically if applicable. 

Holy Cross Health was last surveyed by the Florida Medical Association in 2011. We were awarded four years as an accredited provider of continuing medical education for physicians.


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