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Information for Students, Faculty, and Credentialing Applicants

ALL Students and Faculty who come to Holy Cross Health are required to complete annually (before June 30th) the mandatory online orientation prior to the start of clinical rotation through the HealthStream system.  All Credentialing Applicants are to complete the online requirements that are posted on the HealthStream home page upon receipt of the login information.

 Faculty Instruction  |  Student Instruction  |  Credentialing Applicants

Faculty Instruction

The school and/or School Program Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the students have completed the online orientation prior to the start of the clinical rotation.

- Complete the Student Information Sheet (located in COMPLIO site) and upload to COMPLIO. Submit this form for each clinical group 2 weeks prior to the start of the clinical rotation.

- For Nursing program, verify your CCPS placement through your school. NO clinical rotation is allowed without prior CCPS placement approval and unit manager approval.

- For CCPS scheduling contact 

- For preceptor assignment, contact (senior nursing students only)

- For HealthStream User ID and Password, submit student/faculty information to See form

HealthStream login

Quick Reference HealthStream Guide

- Click here for Manager Contact Information

Vaccine Documentation (including Flu Vaccine) 
Complete the appropriate sections of the Student Information Sheet (SIS). Placement of an "X" or "On file" in the column designates that the school has the documentation on file. DO NOT SEND individual documentation for each student or faculty. For vaccination exemptions, contact

NOTE: During the course of the year, some units open and close consistent with patient census. 
Please contact the Nursing HUB at 954-771-8000 ext. 5754 beforehand so you can make alternative plans for your students.

General Information

Meal Time: 
- Please schedule meal time early at 11:00am or later at 1:30pm. This will allow time for hospital staff to get through the cafeteria in a timely manner.

Security Badge Access Responsibility

  • All Faculty need an individual Access Badge Form and their picture taken at the Security Office. Do NOT scan the faculty badge form, this must be handed to the Security Officer to get a badge and upload a copy of the faculty badge form into COMPLIO.
  • All students are to upload the Access Badge Form into Complio at least ONE week prior to the start of the clinical rotation. Faculty to pick up the students’ Id badges at the security office (inside a yellow envelope). For security purposes, ID badges are to be worn at all times while the student is in the Hospital and returned at the end of the rotation to the Security office, attention of Martha Guerrero.
  • Access Badge Form

 Contacting the Unit Manager 
- For unit-specific orientation, please make arrangements with the individual unit manager.

Student Instruction

Complete the online orientation posted on the HealthStream home page (My To Do page)

For Nursing students: Print your curriculum Certificate (NOT the individual course certificate) by clicking on the Completed tab then on the Certificate button. Upload the certificate to Complio (Nursing students only).

For Non-Nursing Students (ex. PT, RT, Pharmacy, MD and other advanced practitioner students): Submit/present the certificate of completion to your clinical coordinator or as directed (for example if the school uses COMPLIO for certificate upload)

HealthStream LoginHealthStream login information will be provided by your respective clinical coordinator

Quick Reference HealthStream Guide 

Credentialing Instructions

 - All credentialing applicants are required to complete an online Holy Cross Health orientation through HealthStream.

- For HealthStream User ID and Password, contact the Medical Staff Office

- For further HealthStream assistance, contact or

- For further information from the Medical Staff Office, send an email to

- Additionally, click the link in the DOCUMENT REVIEW ATTESTATION that is provided by the Medical Staff Office and review the rest of the documents.