our history

Holy Cross Hospital, a private Catholic, non-profit community hospital opened in 1955 to serve the sick and injured without regard to race, religion or nationality.

Owned and sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy for decades, the hospital is now sponsored by Catholic Health Ministries. 

Holy Cross contains one of the greatest concentrations of medical talent in South Florida. Our medical staff consists of more than 600 highly skilled physicians representing nearly every specialty in medicine. Their skills attract patients from around South Florida, across the United States and around the globe.

Since opening its doors, Holy Cross has grown to keep pace with the needs of the community it serves. The Hospital´s rapid growth has allowed us to advance with the dramatic improvements achieved in healthcare. Patient capacity has increased from 100 patients in 1955 to the 557 patients (inpatient) we are licensed to serve today.

Over the years, there has been and will continue to be many exciting changes and opportunities for all of us who serve you at Holy Cross. Well into the future, Holy Cross is dedicated to maximizing the opportunities that are presented to our medical professionals and staff.

The physical appearance and size of Holy Cross may continue to change, but the purpose and character of the institution remain constant: the establishment, maintenance and operation of a modern Catholic community hospital and scientific institution devoted to healing.