The adjustable gastric band, also referred to as a "lap band" is a purely restrictive device that limits the quantity of food that you may consume at one time. There is no manipulation of the anatomy and, therefore, no malabsorption.

The band is placed around the upper portion of the stomach and creates a virtual pouch that limits the intake of food. When this smaller pouch is filled, you will feel full and stop eating.

A port is placed just below the surface of the skin to allow adjustments to be made to the size of the ring that determines the volume of food you can eat. There is no manipulation of the anatomy with the adjustable gastric band and even though it is reversible, it should still be considered a 'permanent' solution in treating the disease of obesity.

You will be thoroughly educated on good nutrition and exercise to maximize your weight loss experience with the band. The behavior modification of the dumping syndrome that is a consequence of the gastric bypass is not an issue with the band. Therefore, discipline is required to be committed to proper nutrition.