Spine Care

Our Spine and Back Care Center integrates comprehensive offerings to patients with acute and chronic spine disorders. We conduct assessments to recommend the appropriate clinical management and/or surgical interventions. As part of the Holy Cross Neuroscience Institute located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, our expert clinicians, specialized surgeons and support staff help navigate the patient through acute care to chronic management and rehabilitation.

Through the practice of interventional spine and pain medicine, our team of Interventional Physiatrists combine orthopedics, neurology and anesthesiology to diagnose the sources of pain, analyze the reason for the pain and treat the pain.

  • Pain is multi-leveled
  • Sometimes the brain is the problem in pain
  • Sometimes it may hurt in the foot but it is the brain that creates the central system’s response to it

The techniques employed in pain management are many and varied, some of which include discography, nerve blocks and epidurals. Our aim is to reduce pain with the least risk. We balance pharmacology, interventional and physical therapies with minimally invasive techniques. Although we may focus on pain relief, care of the whole person is paramount. We endeavor to preserve and restore function closest to normal as possible.

Patients requiring neurological care can count on the Neuroscience Institute to respond with an experienced team of physicians and specially trained healthcare professionals, backed by state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment facilities.

Spine Treatments

If you are experiencing neck or back pain, interventional spine procedures or surgery might be needed. Our leading team of neurological and spine specialists offer many treatment options. Our goal is to provide you the most advanced spinal care in the area while navigating you through the different steps towards a stable future. We concentrate our efforts on providing the latest surgical procedures that get you back on your feet quicker with minimal pain and scarring. Learn more about pain management for back pain.

State-of-the-Art Technology for Spine Surgery

O-Arm with Stealth Station 
From diagnostic imaging to surgery, Holy Cross Hospital and its Neuroscience Institute offer leading-edge technology.  Our surgeons utilize the O-Arm with Stealth Station, which allows them to perform minimally invasive image-guided lumbar surgery-the safest and most precise technique. Using sophisticated imaging tools, O-Arm scanner with Stealth Station produces images all around your body, the spine surgeon is able to produce a virtual image of the spine that shows screw placement and trajectory as he operates. This allows him to perform much more precise placement and decreases chances for non-union or failure to fuse.