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Patients in Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) benefit from working with a Registered Dietitian to develop a personalized nutrition plan. It is not about dieting. The goal is to improve your physical conditions and overall health through an appropriate and comprehensive eating plan.

Who Needs MNT?

Ask yourself these questions: 

• Is my cholesterol high?

• Are my blood sugars high?

• Am I overweight by 25 pounds or more?

• Does my weight affect the way I breathe, walk or carry out my daily activities?

• Do I have kidney or digestive problems?

• Do I have food allergies?

• Do I think I have an eating disorder?

• Do I want information on a healthier way of eating? 

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, you may benefit from Medical Nutrition Therapy, a nutritional approach to treating medical conditions.

Who Qualifies for MNT?

Medicare Part B Beneficiaries

  • Our outpatient dietitian is a registered Medicare provider.
  • Medicare Part B beneficiaries with the diagnosis of diabetes or non-dialysis kidney disease are eligible.
  • Medicare part B reimburses three (3) hours of nutrition therapy for the first year and two (2) hours each year after.
  • A referral from your primary care physician with an approved diagnosis is required to participate in MNT.

Insurance and Referrals

  • A physician referral is required for outpatient medical nutrition therapy.
  • Insurance coverage varies depending on type of insurance and benefit package. Before scheduling a consultation, please check with your insurance company to confirm the extent of your coverage. Some participants may be required to pay a co-pay or cover the cost themselves.

*You are responsible for all charges not covered by your insurance.

Preparing for Your Visit

Please bring the following to your appointment:

  • Physician prescription and referral sheet, including prescribed diet order.
  • An indication of the medical condition requiring nutrition therapy.
  • List of current medications and nutritional supplements you take.
  • Any pertinent lab test results.
  • Medical insurance card and information.
  • Any food diary and/or blood sugar records you have been keeping.

Individualized Meal Plan

The Holy Cross Nutrition Center team is delighted to work with you and your physicians to create a meal plan tailored to your individual needs. We’ll show you how proper nutrition can positively impact your health, and we’ll give you the tools needed to eat well for life.

Ask your doctor today about Medical Nutrition Therapy and begin eating healthy for life.

Questions? Please call 954-771-8000, ext. 5163

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