Colorectal Cancer

Male patient in cancer consultation

Colorectal Cancer - cancer of the colon and rectum - is a leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States for men and women combined.  However, it is a highly preventable and treatable disease if caught early.

It has been shown that a low-fat diet, high in vegetables and fruits, coupled with regular exercise can significantly reduce one's risk for developing colorectal cancer. 

Regular screening of average risk men and women starting at age 50 can help prevent the disease by detecting and removing pre-cancerous polyps, as well as detecting colorectal cancer in the earliest, most curable stages.

Colorectal cancer screening costs are covered by Medicare and many commercial health plans. A colonoscopy is a visual examination of the rectum and entire colon performed in the Endoscopy Unit of Holy Cross Health.

If polyps are found, they can be removed during this procedure. The exam may be uncomfortable, but it is not painful. The doctor may give you some medication to make you feel relaxed and sleepy, and will discuss with you a schedule for follow-up screenings.

Should you need cancer care, we are here to serve you. Our hope is that you would see a colorectal specialist and catch this disease early!