Treatments & Specialties

Disease-specific Multidisciplinary Oncology Treatment

Our Medical Team has developed disease-specific expertise to better diagnose and treat patients with various types of cancer. Our multidisciplinary cancer conferences and clinics provide prospective case reviews and assure quality-of-care evaluation related to diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, rehabilitation and supportive care. The clinics allow patients to see all specialists in one day, facilitating faster access to care. Our facility is state-of-the-art, and we have access to national resources. Our experts treat lymphomas, as well as breast, colon, bone, lung, gynecological (including cervical and ovarian), gastrointestinal, pancreatic and prostate cancer, and cancers of the blood.


Daily treatments of chemotherapy, blood transfusions, intravenous antibiotics and other medical injections are administered in bright and beautiful surroundings. Patients may relax on recliners while watching a favorite television show or movie at a semi-private treatment station overlooking our flowering garden.  Call 954-542-7700. 

Medical Oncology/Hematology

The Bienes Cancer Center includes private offices for some of the regions's leading Medical Oncologists.

Surgical Oncology

Each of the talented physicians at the Michael and Dianne Bienes Comprehensive Cancer Center brings unique expertise when providing treatment. We offer breast, colorectal, urological and gynecological surgical options. Our team will make sure you receive the appropriate care at this difficult time.

Radiation Oncology

Employing highly qualified personnel and modern techniques and equipment, Radiation Oncology is well-prepared to treat the most complex forms of cancer.  Learn more about Radiation Oncology.

Pain Management

Pain can be caused by cancer itself or chemotherapy. Our physicians and nurses have ways to decrease or relieve your pain. We are here to listen and help you find the best way to manage your pain. Talk about your pain with a doctor, nurse or pharmacist. You also may ask to meet with a pain or palliative care specialist.

Symptom Management

Cancer and its treatment options may be accompanied by multiple symptoms, from anemia to urinary changes. The multidisciplinary team at the Bienes Cancer Center is here to educate and support you. Communication is key. Be sure to contact your physician early if and when new symptoms surface.