Medication Resources

Medication Resources

Medication Resources

This page offers links to other sites that may provide resources for individuals with diabetes. While we try our best to regularly update the list below, we cannot guarantee the following resources are still available. Please contact each individual resource to inquire about the program and their qualifications.

If you have any questions, please call 954-319-4254 to speak with one of our Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialists.

Nonprofit Diabetes Supplies Resources

  • FamilyWize - offers a no-cost prescription discount card and a website that helps the patent find the pharmacy with the lowest cost for their prescription.
  • connects people with diabetes to the insulin access and affordability options that match their circumstances.  
  • Good Rx - tracks prescription drug prices and offers drug coupons
  • Needy Meds - extensive database of patient assistance programs, state assistance, medication discount programs and free or low-cost medical care. Database can be searched free.
  • Partnership for Prescription Assistance - program sponsored by pharmaceutical companies' doctors, patient advocacy organizations and civic groups that helps low-income, uninsured patient get free or low-cost brand-name medications.
  • RxAssist - online database of pharmaceutical company programs that provide free or affordable medicines and co-pay assistance.
  • RxHope - web-based resources where you can search by medication to locate assistance programs. It also provides assistance with the application process.
  • RxOutreach - mail-order pharmacy for uninsured or underinsured patients 

Assistance with Device Coverage

  • If you or a patient need assistance with pump supplies or a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), directly contact the manufacturer via their customer service line:
    • Medtronic: 1-800-646-4633
    • Tandem: 1-877-801-6901, option 3
    • Insulet: 1-800-591-3455 or
    • Dexcom: at 1-888-738-3646
    • Abbott Diabetes Care: 1-835-632-8658 

Pharmaceutical Company Patient Assistance Programs (PAP)

Pharmaceutical Company Co-Pay Coupons

Insulins ValYou Savings Program

  • For those without prescription medication insurance
  • Monthly supply for any one or combination of Sanofi insulins
    • Up to 10 packs of pens and/or 10 mL vials per month for a set monthly price of $99
    • Must fill all Sanofi Insulin prescriptions at the same time, together each month
  • Insulins included in the program are: Admelog, Toujeo, Lantus, Apidra
  • For US Residents Only



Novolin Relion Insulin- Walmart

  • Older formulation of insulin
  • Works different than newer insulin, so dosage may be different
  • Novolin R (Regular Human Insulin Injection) $24.88 for 100 units/mL 10mL vial
  • Novolin N (NPH Human Insulin) $24.88 for 100 units/mL 10mL vial
  • Novolin 70/30 (70% NPH, 30% Regular) $24.88 for 100 units/mL 10mL vial
  • Novolin 70/30 FlexPen (70% NPH, 30% Regular) $42.88 for 5 x 3mL prefilled pens


Novolin Insulin & Novolin Relion Insulin- Sam's Club

Novolin medication chart

Florida Department of Health (FDOH) Insulin Distribution Program

Sharps Disposal Information

  • How to dispose of used lancets, needles, sensors, etc:
    • Put used sharps in a strong, plastic containers (such as an emptied laundry detergent or a bleach bottle).
    • When the container is ¾ full, put the lid on, seal it with duct tape and label “SHARPS: DO NOT RECYCLE”
    • Put the plastic container in the household trash. Do Not Recycle used sharps!
  • For more information or to find local disposal options, visit