MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) gives our physicians a detailed look at parts of the body using powerful magnetic fields and radiology. MRIs are especially useful when precise images are needed of the brain, muscles, heart or certain cancers since no ionizing radiation is being used.

Both closed and open MRIs are available to our patients.

Closed MRI

Closed MRI gives a very specific look into areas of the body while the patient lies in a large tube. The scans can be used to generate 2D or 3D images with a higher magnetic field for the best views.

Open MRI

Open MRI accomplishes the same results as a closed MRI without the tube. A more spacious "C" shaped configuration is used for patients who prefer more comfort and a less claustrophobic experience.

More and more patients are discovering the benefits of open MRI:

  • More room for large patients
  • Preferred by bigger athletes
  • Easier on handicapped patients
  • Reduces confinement and anxiety
  • Minimal noise
  • Allows hand holding for children or to support loved ones


Holy Cross Hospital is one of the first facilities in South Florida to utilize the MAGNETOM Skyra 3T MRI scanner from Siemens Medical Solutions, which offers enhanced ability to customize patient scans, improved imaging (high resolution, detailed images, resulting in more accurate diagnoses) and reduced exam times, resulting in improved patient comfort. The MRI's 70cm open bore design offers many patient benefits by accomodating a large variety of patient sizes, shapes and conditions and enabling more scans in which a patient's head remains outside the equipment.

An industry-leading 1.5 Tesla MRI is now available at Holy Cross Health

MRI scan in your future?

At Holy Cross Health, we know that an MRI scan can be critical to your care and diagnosis. That’s why we invested in a system that adapts to your body for a more precise, fast, and comfortable exam. With exceptional image quality and a patient-friendly experience, this is the MRI trusted by doctors and preferred by patients

Feel comfortable 
The large opening accommodates people of all sizes, while the latest applications help improve your patient experience.

Save time 
New innovations and technologies mean you’re in and out of the exam faster.

Be confident 
Your doctor will receive high-quality images needed to provide the best patient care. 

Exceptional images.

Extraordinary patient care.

This is MRI at Holy Cross Health.

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