Board of Directors

Rudy Molinet

Rudy Molinet, RN, MPH, FACHE

Board Chair, 
CEO and Executive Coach, 
Artemis Synergies Consulting 

Karen O'byrene

Karen O'Byrne, CPA, MBA

Board Vice Chair, 
Senior Vice President, Value, 
Creation, Warburg PincusA 

Fritz LaPorte

Fritz LaPorte

Immediate Past Chair, Business, 
Dovere Advisory Group, LLC 

Jon Ayers

Jonathan Ayers, MBA

Chair of the Board of, 
Directors, Panthera

Linda B. Carter

Linda B. Carter

Florida House on Capitol Hill, 
Secretary of the Board

LaRonda Chastang

LaRonda Chastang, MSW

SVP Diversity, Equity, and 
Inclusion,Trinity Health

John Cunha

John Cunha, DO, FACOEP

President, Holy Cross Health, 
Medical Staff

Willy Davila

G. Willy Davila, MD

Secretary / Treasurer, 
Holy Cross Health Medical Staff

Mark Doyle

Mark Doyle, MBA

President & CEO, Holy Cross, 

Pablo Guzman

Pablo Guzman, MD, FACC

Chief Medical Officer, 
Zyversa Therapeutics

Keith Koenig

Keith Koenig, MBA

Past Chair of the Board, 
Chairman, CITY Furniture

Jon Kotler

Jon Kotler, MD

Immediate Past President, 
Holy Cross Medical Staff

Pat Mckay

Pat McKay, CPA

Retired CFO/COO

Sister Kathleen McManus, RSM, OT, MEd

Sister Kathleen McManus, RSM, OT, MEd

Religious Sisters of, 
Mercy, Healthcare Coordinator

Brian nelson

Brian Nelson, JD

Attorney and Partner, 
Asenda Ventures

Sister Marie Parker

Sister Marie Parker, RSM, MEd., MDiv.

Religious Sisters of Mercy,, 
Healthcare Administrator

Maurice Woods

Maurice Woods, MBA

President & CEO,;
Impact Intersection, LLC