Community Health Worker

Community Health Workers (CHWs) positively affect vulnerable communities. They serve as liaisons between medical and social services and the community. They advocate for change and cultural competency of services delivered, as well as improving access to quality care.

CHWs build individual and community health knowledge and self-sufficiency through a range of activities such as outreach, education, informal counseling, social support, and advocacy. 

Although responsibilities vary, here are examples of potential tasks completed by community health workers: 

  • Assist in finding and establishing a relationship with medical and behavioral health services 
  • Act as a liaison between various healthcare providers and their patients  
  • Improve understanding between community members and social service system 
  • Help navigate the health insurance system 
  • Find resources for clients (housing, food, supplies and more) 
  • Provide support during pregnancy and patients with chronic disease 
  • Access prescribed medications 
  • Improve adherence to health recommendations 
  • Reduced need for emergency and specialty services 

Your Holy Cross healthcare provider can refer you to one of our CHWs for services that you may need assistance with such as:

  • Medicaid and SNAP (food stamp) Application 
  • Broward County (TOPS) Transit Transportation applications Social Security Disability application 
  • Rental Assistance application 
  • Meals On Wheels application 
  • Medication assistance and Finical assistance program through Charity (HCH) 
  • ADRC Referrals for senior patients that need extra help in their home with ADL’S and help with looking for ALF for Placement 

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