Ken's story

Be Pain-Free with a New Knee

Ken Friedman is an athlete. A champion athlete at that. He has spent many years on the tennis and pickleball courts winning championships at every turn.


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At 66 years old and very active, Ken didn’t have time for the knee pain that started to creep into his life. He received opinions from two different doctors, both encouraging injections. Ken knew he needed more than that – he felt like his knee was grinding together. He could feel the bone on bone.

“When I found Holy Cross Health and Dr. Gosthe, I was blown away by his phenomenal bedside manner. He listened to me. He said, ‘You’re active; you’re a pro athlete. You need surgery and you’re a perfect candidate for a partial knee replacement.’”

Due to COVID, Ken needed to wait two months until he could have his surgery, but when the time came, he was ready.

The surgery was successful, and he was walking the same day. Ken’s rehabilitation post-surgery lasted for eight weeks plus one month at home. where he followed his physical therapy exercises diligently.

Three months after surgery, Ken was back on the court!

Today, he is still winning pickleball championships. Most recently winning gold at the New Jersey Open in the 50+ singles division on a hard court – a remarkable feat post-surgery.

 “I was the oldest player in the division and none of my opponents could believe I had knee surgery. A true credit to Dr. Gosthe and the amazing team at Holy Cross.”