Stroke survivor on picnic blanket

Our Patients are Remarkable

Holy Cross Health's BeRemarkable journey continues; this time featuring real patients who have received life-changing, life-saving care. These brave patients, willing to share their stories, have done so in hopes that they can spread the word about the care they received and the renewed life they are living now.

Ken is pickleball champion who received a partial knee replacement and is back on the court; Cindy has her life back after years of struggling with severe pelvic floor complications; Doug is healthy and active after triple bypass surgery; Kenyardia "Kenny" is a 40-year old stroke survivor; and Polyana is a mother of three young girls and a breast cancer survivor.

May these stories offer inspiration to you to seek the care you need.

BeRemarkable with Holy Cross Health.


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Be 72 going on 52 with the AgeWell Center.

Cindy on a walk

Be able to enjoy life again

“My only regret is not doing this sooner.
I wish I could have more of my life back, but all I can do is move forward and enjoy my new-found freedom to the fullest.”

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Kenny having a picnic

Be a miracle of modern medicine

“I’m so grateful for the quick actions of the police officer and the care I received at Holy Cross. I am enjoying life with my babies thanks to the stroke team. I feel very lucky.”

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Doug riding his bike

Be strong-hearted

“I noticed a difference immediately after surgery. I was feeling a lot better and that feeling continued as I participated in cardiac rehab. I didn’t realize how bad I was feeling until my heart was fixed.”

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Polyana walking on beach with family

Be an inspiration to us all

“The way God showed me my way through this, I want to show others to be strong. Faith and belief is key to healing. It was a really hard time for us, but I feel safe now.”

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Ken playing pickle ball

Be pain-free with a new knee

“I was the oldest player in the division and none of my opponents could believe I had knee surgery. A true credit to Dr. Gosthe and the amazing team at Holy Cross.”

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And in case you missed it, you can find the BeRemarkable colleague video below, which tells a little about what we aspire to Be...for you!