Kenyardia's story

Be a Miracle of Modern Medicine

One morning Kenyardia, a healthy 40-year-old, was going about her normal routine, dropping her three children off at school before heading into work when she started to feel strange sensations.

“My arm was going numb – I was trying to move it, but nothing happened. Then my leg started acting up too,” she recalled.


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Her normal commute takes her on I-95 but instead she opted to take a back road. Thankfully she did, because a police officer saw her driving on the wrong side of the road and intervened.  

All she could say to the officer was, “I think I am having a stroke.”

She, indeed, had suffered a stroke. The police officer called in the paramedics who transported her to Holy Cross Health where she received state-of-the-art stroke treatment. She also attended the rehabilitation program through the stroke clinic.

Today she is healthy, happy and enjoying life thanks to the life-saving care at Holy Cross Health and the technologies afforded in the award-winning neurosciences program.

“I’m so grateful for the quick actions of the police officer and the care I received at Holy Cross. I am enjoying life with my babies thanks to the stroke team. I feel very lucky.”

The Phil Smith Neuroscience Institute at Holy Cross Health brings together a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to improving patient care in the areas of ALS, neurology, neurosurgery, comprehensive stroke care, neuro-interventional radiology, epilepsy monitoring, sleep medicine, interventional spine, pain management and more.

If you think you are having a stroke, call 9-1-1!