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For Associates

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Our Mission is You

Holy Cross Hospital prides itself on being one of the top healthcare employers in South Florida. As we serve our patients, the administration of Holy Cross Hospital is here to serve you as a member of our team.

We encourage our professionals to expand their experience through research and broaden their knowledge and skills through training programs.

We also appreciate the importance of good communication, so through this channel of our website, we hope to provide useful information about employee programs, policies and opportunities we believe you´d find interesting.

If you have questions regarding Associate benefits, please contact Human Resources at 954-267-6850.

Contacts for Frequently Asked Questions from Holy Cross Associates

Q: Does Holy Cross offer tuition reimbursement?
P: 954-267-6850

Q: How do I get into Lawson to access my pay stubs and other Associate information?
P: 954-267-6850

Q: Who can answer questions about Direct Deposit for my paychecks?
P: 954-267-6850

Q: I can’t get into Meditech. Who do I call?
P: 954-776-3047

Q: How do I know what mandatory classes I’ve already taken or what classes are required?
P: 954-776-3267

Q: I’m doing research, how do I submit a topic search/article search request to our Medical Library?
P: 954-958-4826

Q: I lost my Associate ID badge. How do I get a new one?
P: 954-776-3099

Q: How can I protect myself against identity theft?
A: Click on the link to the pdf file below 

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