What You Need to Know for the Day of Surgery

Arrival at Hospital

  • Enter through the main entrance of the hospital (on Federal Hwy., south of Commercial Blvd.).
  • You have the option to self-park or use our complimentary valet.
  • Wheelchairs are available if needed.
  • If you require an assistive device, you can ask for labels so you don't lose them upon entering the hospital.


  • Reception is the first desk and greeter you come in contact with upon entering the hospital.
  • Let them know you are here for surgery.
  • They will give you a visitor's pass and send you to Admitting.


  • Admitting is on the first floor. They will ask you to fill out some paperwork.
  • They will also issue your patient ID band at this time.
  • It is important that your ID band stays on during your hospital stay.

3rd Floor (Pre-Op Holding)

  • You will be called into Pre-Op Holding where the nurse, anesthesiologist and surgeon will come to see you.
  • They will prep you with IVs, help put away your personal belongings and ask you a few questions about any adverse reactions to surgery.
  • Your surgeon will touch base with you and may sign the surgical limb.


  • The length of your surgery will vary depending on your procedure.
  • Refer to your surgeon for specific information regarding your operation, the prosthetic materials, etc.

Orthopedic Floor (on 4 West)

  • After you recover from surgery, you will be transferred to the orthopedic floor and meet your nurse.
  • Private rooms are available for additional cost. Prior to surgery day, you are encouraged to call Admitting and request a private room.
  • White boards at bedside provide your nurse's name and extension, planned discharge date, therapy times, diet, etc.
  • Meals are served via room service. Call and order meals at your convenience.
  • It is important to continue your hourly exercises and incentive spirometer after your surgery.
  • Download: Orthopedic Floor Information

What You Need to Know After Surgery.

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