Hip Replacement

Established in 1995, the Orthopedic Institute is recognized as a leader nationally and internationally. Many methods used commonly in today's total hip replacement surgery were perfected at Holy Cross Hospital.

The hip consists of two bones: the acetabulum (socket) in the pelvis, and the femoral head (ball) at the top of the femur (thigh) that fits into the socket. These bones are covered by articular cartilage, a layer of strong tissue that cushions the bones and allows smooth, easy movement of the joint.

Interfering with normal activities, damage to the articular cartilage can produce substantial pain and stiffness. Usually this can be attributed to damage due to arthritis. However, other problems can lead to serious damage of the articular cartilage.

Hip replacement - arthroplasty - is not a "quick fix," and is usually recommended after other, less aggressive options have failed. Our surgeons have excelled in this area; we are the largest provider of hip replacements in the southeast United States.

The goal of a hip arthroplasty is to relieve pain and to correct any deformity. A successful operation is one in which pain-free walking is restored. Our experience has shown that the vast majority of our patients have a result that they are very happy with. Many people are able to return to activities such as golf, bowling, swimming, dancing and biking. Surgeons will discuss in detail specific risks associated with this surgery.

Holy Cross Hospital was the first hospital in Broward County to use the MAKOplasty® Total Hip Replacement Robotic System. Now we can achieve extreme precision during hip replacement surgery for less pain, shorter recovery times and better results. Robot-assisted technology gives surgeons new levels of control so that they can remove only the arthritic portion of the joint, leaving the healthy bone and tissue intact. If you're suffering from mid- to severe-stage osteoarthritis of the hip, this new procedure could be the right treatment for you. Our orthopedic surgeons specialize in this minimally invasive, robotic-assisted total hip replacement surgery. Learn more about robotic surgery.

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