Advanced Diagnostics

Using the diverse resources of the Holy Cross Hospital network, Holy Cross Orthopedics and Sports Medicine provide high quality services within a state-of-the-science facility.

Services include examination, imaging, diagnosis and treatment of injuries to:

  • Foot and ankle
  • Hip and knee
  • Spine
  • Shoulder, wrist, and hand
  • Concussions

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Program

Ultrasound can be used in many aspects of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. The ultrasound is used to guide therapeutic injections to ensure the medication is in the precise location for the greatest effect. Ultrasound is also a dynamic modality that allows for diagnosis of muscle or tendon tears at various points of contraction. At Holy Cross Sports Medicine, ultrasound is depended upon to improve the efficiency and quality of care.

Pre-Participation Examinations

Before participating in a sport or engaging in a new rigorous exercise routine, such as cross-training, it is critical that you, first identify any orthopedic deficiencies and evaluate your cardiovascular health. Not only can you correct many underlying problems and improve your safety, but this will also improve your performance.
Holy Cross Sports Medicine offers a comprehensive pre-participation exam for individuals and teams that may include:
  • Detailed musculoskeletal and vital organ exam
  • Electrocardiography (ECG)
  • Cardiopulmonary Functional Testing (PFTs/VO2Max)
  • Concussion Neuropsychological Testing (ImPACT)  
  • Functional Movement Screenings