The heart failure clinic team looks forward to working with you.

The Heart Failure Clinic, also known as Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics Clinic, is an amazing resource to our cardiology population at Holy Cross Hospital. Heart failure is a very prevalent disease process in our community.

Heart failure as a disease process can be very challenging to treat and is often marked by debilitating symptoms of shortness of breath, fatigue, and fluid retention that leads to frequent exacerbations and hospital admissions.

Our clinic works in conjunction with the patient's primary cardiology team to promote decreased hospitalizations for worsening heart failure or heart failure exacerbations, improved quality of life, and decreased mortality in our patient population. The clinic sees any patient with a new diagnosis or history of heart failure.

We encourage patients to consider utilizing our clinic if:

1. The patient has a new diagnosis of heart failure or worsening heart failure status on echocardiogram.

2. The patient needs more education on heart failure including red flag symptoms (fluid retention, increasing weight, increasing shortness of breath) and life style modifications (low salt diet, fluid intake, exercise, and weight monitoring).

3. The patient has worsening shortness of breath or fluid retention. Patients can be provided with intravenous diuretic therapy if significantly volume overloaded.

4. The patient requires frequent follow up due to symptoms and/or needs frequent medication titration.

5. If patients have had frequent hospitalizations for heart failure or frequent emergency room visits for heart failure symptoms.

Get in touch

The heart failure clinic team looks forward to working with you. We encourage all patients to speak with their cardiology team to see if they believe the Heart Failure Clinic may be beneficial.

Patients may call 954-229-7974 if they have any further questions about the Holy Cross Heart Failure Clinic.

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