Detecting Heart Disease Cardiac CT v. Stress Testing

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Detecting Heart Disease: Cardiac CT v. Stress Testing

Fort Lauderdale, FL cardiac imaging specialist Claudio Smuclovisky, MD, talks about the most common cause of death in the world - heart disease - and how technology at Holy Cross Hospital in South Florida can detect cardiovascular disease years before it is detectable by traditional tests and screenings. Cardiac CT using our 256 slice CT scanner provides detailed 3D images of the heart, its vessels, involves 90% less radiation than nuclear stress testing, and the images are acquired rapidly - within two heart beats. 

Talk to your doctor about the importance of cardiovascular screenings, including the HeartFlow FFRct Analysis.  

To make an appointment for a $495 Cardiac CT or a $75 Cardiac Scoring assessment at the Holy Cross Harry T. Mangurian, Jr., Diagnostic Imaging Center, call 954-202-0277Please have your prescription ready!