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On October 1, consumers were able to use health insurances exchanges (HIX) to enroll in a plan that meets their needs and in this, the first year of the marketplaces, they will have until March 31 to get enrolled. On January 1, 2014, those with no insurance whatsoever will face the possibility of tax penalties.

By 2019, the federal government estimates that exchanges will provide about 23 million people with affordable access to health insurance—and to quality covered care—although this number is potentially even higher.

Fast Facts

· The window for obtaining insurance: Oct. 1, 2013 – Mar. 31, 2014.
· The importance of enrolling: Avoid penalties, protect your health
   and wellness.
· How the exchanges will work: Like a one-stop shop where
   consumers can compare the available programs, learn about
   available subsidies, find the program that fits best, get help
   and enroll.
·Where to learn more—with a computer: www.holy-cross.com/aca
   www.enrollamerica.gov, www.healthcare.gov,
·Where to learn more—if they don’t have access to a computer:
   Holy Cross Hospital is fortunate to have Navigators available 
  at 954-678-3910

By sharing this information with others, your will be helping to ensure more people have access to quality care.