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Project Book: Bringing Opportunities to Our Kids

If you can't read, you're more likely to:
Infancy: Have developmental issues
Adolescence: Engage in unhealthy behaviors
Early Adulthood: Have more risk factors
Adulthood: Experience chronic illness
Late Adulthood: Have decreased life expectancy

Partners in Health: Mobile Literacy Project

The Community Outreach Goodstart, School Health and Growing Healthy Kids programs will collectively implement the Partners in Health: Literacy Project promoting early childhood literacy by providing access to a "mobile traveling health literacy library" from which early learning center providers and parents may "check out" literacy resource materials to utilize with their students.

60 Readers: 60 Leaders

60 Holy Cross leaders will remotely tutor a Broward County Public School first grade student from their desk while at work. Software will connect employees with designated first graders in their classrooms and help students practice reading skills. On each weekly call, Associates "meet" with their student over the phone, reading stories and doing word exercises together on respective screens. This much needed personal attention of a caring adult, giving just 30 minutes a week, will make a huge impact in a youngster's life - and improve their reading scores!

Read-A-Lot @ Your Laundr-O-Mat

A lending library will be installed in three coin laundromats in Lauderhill and Lauderdale Lakes. These shelves will provide access to all kinds of books - from picture books to chapter books - for children, teens and adults. The goal of the Read-A-Lot @ Your Laudr-O-Mat is to place small libraries where both children and adults have access to them and spend a good amount of time; laundromats are a perfect fit. Low income families often spend long hours in Laundr-O-Mats, and children and their families can use those hours to engage in literacy activities instead of letting them go to waste.

Blessed Beginnings - Talking is Teaching: Talk, Read, Sing

Holy Cross' Maternal Child Health department aims to provide families with information and high quality tools to help them talk, read and sing more with their very young children, from the time of birth. We hope that together, we can close the "word gap" and help prepare our youngest children for success in school and beyond.

Reach Out and Read

Starting with its earliest readers, Holy Cross Medical Group primary physicians and pediatricians will launch the Reach Out and Read program. This evidence-based program promotes early literacy and school readiness in pediatric exam rooms nationwide by integrating children's books and advice to parents about the importance of reading aloud into well-child visits.

For more information about Project Book, including how you can donate books, email Kim.Saiswick@holy-cross.com.