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Free mammogram advertisementCurrent national research indicates that one of every 3,000 screening mammography exams in women, 45-65 year of age will result in a diagnosis of breast cancer.

New data based on two years of providing a community-level breast cancer screening program suggests that these national statistics fall short when applied to a more diverse community comprised of Caribbean immigrants and first generation Americans.

Data gathered from more than 1,500 screening mammograms further indicates and supports that screening in this population needs to occur by age 35. It is suggestive that these findings may be generalized to other closed populations.

Delivering evidence-based interventions adapted from the Community Health Planning Guidelines, client level assessments; breast screening and breast navigation services, cancer diagnosis has been made at alarming rates far exceeding national statistics. Synergistic community partnerships between private and public health care partners and a diversified funding base has contributed to the success of this grass roots outreach program targeting minority women, especially those without insurance and living at or below 200% poverty rates. Strategic internal planning, sponsorship and collaboration within a private, community non-profit hospital has provided a seamless continuum of care for newly diagnosed patients.

To learn more about the Partners in Breast Health Program,
call 954-294-0582.

Kim Saiswick, RN, EdD, LMHC
Director of Community Outreach
Holy Cross Hospital

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