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Our Strategic Framework

Click here to download our Strategic Framework:
People-Centered 2020

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People-Centered Care

People-Centered Care:

Strategic Focus #1: We will transform our clinical and business models to deliver people-centered care.

Engaged Colleagues

Engaged Colleagues:

Strategic Focus #2: We will attract, develop and retain exceptional and committed colleagues who reflect the diversity of our communities.

Operational Excellence:

Strategic Focus #3: We will build an enterprise that uses our strengths as a national system to deliver operational excellence.

Physician and Clinician Collaboration:

All Strategic Focus Areas: We will collaborate with physicians and clinicians.

Leadership Nationally:

Strategic Focus #4: We will lead in strengthening and expanding the ministry of Catholic health care in our communities and nationwide.

Effective Stewardship:

Strategic Focus #5: We will steward resources effectively to enable success in our transformation to people-centered health care.