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Beginning in 2014, Holy Cross Hospital has awarded food security grants totaling $25,000 each year to local non-profit organizations in honor of John C. Johnson, president emeritus and former chief executive officer of Holy Cross Hospital.

“We wanted to recognize John’s unrelenting passion and compassion for ensuring that every man, woman and child has access to sufficient food and does not suffer from food insecurity,” said Holy Cross Hospital President and CEO Patrick A. Taylor, M.D. “There are many organizations in our community with food security projects and we want to help them in their mission through our Food Security Program.”

The goals of the Food Security Program are to fund innovative projects that increase knowledge of food insecurity among Broward County residents; reduce the risk of food insecurity among persons at high risk; reduce food insecurity among residents; and serve as a new model for future food insecurity interventions.

Holy Cross Hospital serves as the lead agency in the awarding of these grants with the guidance of a Holy Cross Hospital Food Security Program Advisory Review Committee made up of representatives from multiple hospital departments and a representative from the Johnson family.

Broward County community based 501(c) (3) organizations are eligible for the grants.

Holy Cross Hospital, Inc. operates without discrimination, including race, age, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity in consideration of grant requests and awards grants only to agencies and organizations that comply with such policies. Maximum grant award will not exceed $25,000.

For more information, contact Sr. Rita Levasseur, RSM, Vice President, Sponsorship and Mission Effectiveness, via email at rita.levasseur@holy-cross.com.