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More Breakthroughs in Breast Cancer Treatment.

INTRABEAM® is just one of the leading technological breakthroughs happening at Holy Cross Hospital. We’re the first to offer this targeted, intraoperative radiotherapy that may bring hope to patients in the early stages of breast cancer.

Illustration of INTRABEAM spherical applicator applying radiation to tumor cavityINTRABEAM® works by eliminating cancer cells with as little as one targeted dose of radiation. This dose is administered during surgery immediately after the tumor is removed. INTRABEAM® applies low-energy X-ray radiation directly into the tumor cavity using a spherical applicator for direct contact with the target tissue. By limiting exposure to only the area with the highest risk of tumor recurrence, the surrounding healthy tissue is spared. By only targeting the cancerous tissue at such an early stage, INTRABEAM® can prevent the possibility of recurrence along with exhausting, high-energy radiation treatments. 

Most procedures are completed in less than 30 minutes. And, since INTRABEAM® uses low-energy X-ray radiation, there’s no need for a specialized treatment room.

To find out if you’re eligible for this advanced treatment, please call 954-772-6700. 

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