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Fort Lauderdale

Dr. Levy Surgeons from around the world now are able to access the cutting-edge surgical teaching of Holy Cross Hospital Orthopedic Surgeon Jonathan Levy, MD, through real time, interactive broadcasts.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for Holy Cross Hospital and its surgical team,” said Jonathan Levy, MD, Chief of Orthopedics at Holy Cross Hospital. “I am proud to be a part of what will likely become the future of surgical training and mentoring.”

The broadcasts are made possible through the use of RP-Vantage™. This secure Internet cloud-based technology from InTouch Health (Santa Barbara, CA, USA) enables real time training and collaboration via live interactive audio-video and informatics surgical telemonitoring platform.

“DJO Surgical is very excited to be working with Holy Cross Hospital, Dr. Levy, and the RP-Vantage, “ said Scott H. Rogow, Director, Medical Education. “This  technology helps to  address the time and distance barriers, inefficiencies and costs of traditional models of surgeon education and training.  RP-Vantage will complement existing surgeon training and medical education programs.”

For a schedule of broadcasts or to learn more please contact Nicole Felder at  Nicole.felder@djoglobal.com.