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Holy Cross Medical Group, Physician's Offices at the Dorothy Mangurian Comprehensive Women's Center

(954) 229-8660
(954) 229-8659

Office Hours
Varies by physician, call 954-229-8660 to inquire.

Patrick J. Amar, MD - Gastroenterology
Vicente E. Font, MD, FACP, FCCP, FACC - Cardiology
Aviva Hopkins, MD - Rheumatology
Moises Lichtinger, MD - Obstetrics / Gynecology
Anele R. Manfredini, MD - Family Medicine / Women's Health
Jihan M. Saba, MD, FACR - Rheumatology

The Dorothy Mangurian Comprehensive Women's Center offers physician services in multiple specialties. The following physicians have offices at the Women's Center:
Aviva Hopkins, MD, Rheumatology (welcomes male and female patients)
Anele R. Manfredini, MD, Women's Health / Family Medicine (welcomes female patients)
Jihan M. Saba, MD, FACR, Rheumatology (welcomes male and female patients)

The following physicians offer their services on specific days of the week at the Women's Center (please call the phone number above to check on physician availability):
Patrick J. Amar, MD, Gastroenterology (welcomes male and female patients)
Vicente E. Font, MD, FACP, FCCP, FACC, Cardiology (welcomes male and female patients)
Moises Lichtinger, MD, OB/GYN (welcomes female patients)

Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Model of Care

The Holy Cross Medical Group Physician Office at the Dorothy Mangurian Comprehensive Women's Center is recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) as a Level 3 Certified Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) facility, which is the highest level achievable. The PCMH concept proactively engages patients in their care with their physicians who work collaboratively with their team using evidence-based medicine and clinical practice guidelines. These teams coordinate and closely track patient progress aligned with Holy Cross Hospital’s commitment to explore new avenues of improving the health of our patients as well as members of the community at large. Dr. Anele Manfredini is a PCMH-recognized physician and was instrumental in the following areas, which were imperative in implementing the PCMH Model of Care within our practice:

Restructuring: An initial step was revisiting our understanding of patient and clinical team needs. We identified ways to better meet patients’ needs and how to enable clinicians to continue to provide the same high quality of care structured in a way that tracks, monitors and reports on patient progress.

Creating Collaborations: Several patients at the practice live with chronic conditions. The appointment schedule is reviewed well in advance to identify these patients. As appointments are scheduled, a nurse reviews their records to determine if tests were ordered and completed and, if not, follows up with the patient prior to the appointment.

Ensuring Accessibility: Appointment times were increased initially to allow for more comprehensive patient visits. Additionally, several slots are left open for patients who call in and need to be seen that day or the next.

Communication & Trust: In forging impactful patient engagement, the healthcare teams are mindful of cultural behaviors and language barriers.  Trust must be developed among a population with many unaccustomed to ongoing relationships with healthcare providers.

Education that Empowers: In addition to a clinical summary with physician recommendations, patients are provided with informational materials customized to their individual needs so that they can be an active participant in their care at home. While conforming to HIPAA regulations, caregivers, including family members are enlisted to help.

Electronic Health Records (EHR): The Holy Cross Medical Group offices are equipped with various robust EHR tools, including a disease registry that collects data beyond one provider allowing us to track patients who receive care elsewhere, thereby identifying opportunities to close our patients’ care gaps in relation to clinical practice guidelines.

There are currently five Level 3 Certified Patient-Centered Medical Homes in the Holy Cross Medical Group, and we plan to create several additional PCMH facilities in the future.


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