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Fort Lauderdale


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Holy Cross Hospital has received a $1 million donation from Audrey Millsaps through the estate of her late husband Fred to expand The Institute for Nursing Excellence. The Institute was founded in 2006 with a $500,000 donation from the local philanthropists and long-time Fort Lauderdale residents to support the pursuit of excellence in nursing.

"Thanks to Audrey and Fred's generosity, Holy Cross Hospital will continue to make nursing excellence its goal and vision," said Holy Cross President and CEO Patrick Taylor, M.D. "Nurses now have access to expansive resources, which in turn, continually betters the quality of patient care beyond our highest standards."

The Institute provides nurses with opportunities for professional role enhancement and development, scholarships, and additional education.

"My husband and I always believed in furthering the profession of nursing through the pursuit of excellence," Millsaps said. "I'm pleased to be able, through Fred's gift, to support Holy Cross in offering resources for nurses to learn new skills and further their knowledge and professional development."

Millsaps serves as a community volunteer on the Institute’s advisory committee, which advocates for nursing education and programs while also providing feedback on its programs, results and future strategies.

The $1 million donation allows the Institute to expand its professional development activities to include leadership development for nurses who express an interest in moving into management roles. It also furthers the Institute's commitment to scholarships and academic support, and supports simulation labs to ensure Holy Cross nurses are best prepared to provide care and address patient safety through essential learning experiences.