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Episode 9, Dr. Rishi Anand, Electrophysiology

Air Date:
November 25, 2014
Rishi Anand

Dr. Rishi Anand is the Medical Director of Electrophysiology at Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As an electrophysiologist, Dr, Anand is a heart-rhythm specialist. As Dr. Anand describes it, he is “an electrician” of the heart. Patients might need an electrophysiologist – such as Dr. Anand – if they’re experiencing dizziness, shortness of breath, passing out, heart palpitations or other similar issues. Dr. Anand explains what makes his team at Holy Cross Hospital so special: their embrace of the latest research.

Doctor Profile: http://www.holy-cross.com/rishi-anand-md

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Ask the Doc is sponsored by Holy Cross Hospital.

Hello! I’m Andi Tillis and this is Ask the Doc with Holy Cross Hospital. Joining me is Dr. Rishi Anand, medical director of the electrophysiology lab at Holy Cross Hospital. Hello, Dr. Anand! Welcome.

Hello, Andi. How are you?

Wonderful. Tell me about your specialty.

Andi, I’m an electrophysiologist, otherwise known as a heart rhythm specialist but to put it plainly, you can think of me as an electrician for the heart.

And what symptoms might lead somebody to needing an electrophysiologist?

Andi, typically, our patients experience symptoms such as dizziness, palpitations, skipped heartbeats, or irregular heartbeats, sometimes shortness of breath, pass out spells. These types of symptoms may prompt a patient to seek a heart rhythm specialist eval.

And what are the latest breakthroughs that you use?

Andi, we pride ourselves on incorporating the latest medical technology at Holy Cross Hospital. One such example is a little miniature remote monitoring device that we can literally inject underneath the skin. It wirelessly monitors a patient’s heartbeats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and those patients can send that data to their doctor no matter where they are in the United States just through an internet connection.

That’s amazing. What sets you and Holy Cross apart in electrophysiology?

Well, Andi, I think we embrace medical research as part of our day to day routine and when you embrace medical research, you really put yourself at the forefront of what that medical field has to offer. I believe that we incorporate this in the care of our patients on a day to day basis.

Thank you, doctor!

Thank you, Andi.

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