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Robotic Surgery


Holy Cross Hospital maintains its commitment to innovation. Thanks to breakthrough surgical technology, minimally invasive robotic surgery was born, and Holy Cross was one of the first hospitals to perform it. Through the use of robotic surgical systems, surgeons are able to perform complex surgical procedures with minimal pain, shorter recovery times and minimal scarring.

Two of these breakthrough technologies available at Holy Cross Hospital are being utilized in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, urology, gynecology (the da Vinci Si® Surgical System) and orthopedics (MAKO´s Haptic Guidance System™).

Holy Cross was also the first hospital in the world to offer MAKOplasty®, robotics used for minimally invasive knee surgery that helps surgeons remove and replace only the portion of a patient's knee that is damaged by osteoarthritis. Now, doctors at Holy Cross are also utilizing the next generation of the robotic arm system by MAKO Surgical Corp., the RIO® Robotic Arm System, which is used for partial knee replacements and total hip replacements.

Robotic Surgery Videos
Dr. David Padden on MAKOplasty for Hips
Dr. William Leone on the MAKO Rio Robotic Arm 
Dr. David Padden on Robotic Surgery and Patient Testimonial

To be referred to a physician who performs minimally invasive surgery using these robotic systems, call 866-442-3627.

International Services

At Holy Cross, we have broken down geographic barriers to top quality healthcare. If you are an international patient and would like more information about robotic surgery, please contact our International Services department:

Toll Free: 1 (866) 262-8621
U.S.: (954) 351-5906

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